By: Ángel Fernández (

Los Corales.- Members of CESTUR, spotted a Carey of approximately 8 pounds, which was beaten on the beach of Los Corales, in front of El Pirata square, and proceeded to protect the Carey in mention.
They proceeded to call the Provincial Director of La Altagracia, Ramiro Sánchez Melo, who proceeded in the company of technicians from the headquarters, Bernardo del Rosario Pérez and Fabio Antonio Benitez Sosa, member of SENPA, Gerardo Cordero and Alexandra Tejada, technician of the Provincial Directorate, who proceeded to send the injured Carey National Aquarium, after having been notified to the biologist Pedro Montero (Tony), who also made the contacts so that it is received in the National Aquarium and thus provide the corresponding assistance, that this one presents / displays a blow in the left part of its shell, reason why presumably could have been hurt by the propellers of a boat.